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Food is important for a child, and both are important to us! 

The Kidz Clean Kitchen is managed by Nikki and Elliott, a couple from London with two lovely children of their own. Assisting them in providing quality service in the food industry is their experienced and hardworking team.


One of the precious assets of the company are their passionate, skilled, and creative chefs headed by Chef Jilly. The team holds 10 years worth of expertise alongside outstanding management in operating a sophisticated commercial kitchen. Through the years, the couple saw the need to produce nursery food concentrating on healthy and nutritious recipes especially during the pre-school at early development stages of their children.  


"The importance of educating children (and adults) on nutritious and immunity-based foods is at the heart of our kitchen and company ethos, all whilst being fun!"

- Nikki

We follow the FSA (food standard agency) daily nutrition guidelines for daily meals...

Since inception, our commitment to sustainable food has been built step-by-step with the help of our team of food experts. Turning first to a few organic products in school meals, our thinking widened to questioning the environmental impact of both the ingredients and the serving materials.


We have also established partnerships with local producers, trained our staff in vegetarian cooking, led a fight against food waste and many other initiatives. 

Want to know what's on the menu?

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